Though I have made my films and worked on other’s films, produced my expressive fine art photography and worked in a great variety of commercial photography, since graduate school at Cranbrook Academy of Art I have largely made my livelihood through teaching.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed the many classes I have taught over the years and the numerous students whom I have been privileged to teach. Many of these individuals I consider long time personal friends and more than a few have gone on to great accomplishment in their own creative work in Photography, Art and Filmmaking.

    I have always approached my students as young artists in the making and have tried to give them every help in order to aid them on their own creative journeys. I joke with my students that I can’t cure them of their creative  addiction, but maybe I can help them accomplish what for many has been a life long desire.

    Below is a list of the institutions where I have taught.

Colorado State University - Pueblo (formerly Southern Colorado State College and the University of Southern Colorado)

1978, 80-81, 2001-04, 2009 - date Pueblo, Colorado. Taught Photography 1, 2 & 3, Zone System Photography, beginning and intermediate Film production & Art Appreciation, Art History 1 & 2. (Spring 1978; Fall 1980; Spring, Summer & Fall 1980-81; Summer 2001; Summer & Fall 2002; Spring & Summer 2003; Spring 2004; Summer & Fall 2009; Spring, Summer & Fall 2010; Spring, Summer & Fall 2011; Spring, Summer & Fall 2012; Spring, Summer & Fall 2013; Spring, Summer & Fall 2014; Spring, Summer & Fall 2015; Spring, Summer & Fall 2016; Spring & Summer 2017; Summer & Fall 2018; Spring, Summer & Fall 2019 semesters; Spring, Summer & Fall 2020; Spring & Summer 2021; Fall 2021).

Red Rocks Community College

2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015 Lakewood, Colorado. Taught Art History 1 & 2. (Summer 2009, Summer 2010, Summer 2012, Summer 2013, Summer 2014, Summer 2015 & Summer 2016 semesters).

Pikes Peak Community College

2014 & 2015 Colorado Springs, Colorado. Taught Photography & Computers. Colorado State Board Occupational Credential for Postsecondary Visual & Design Arts Credential ID: PPCC120913003 (Spring 2014 & Spring 2015 semesters).

University of Colorado Denver

2008, 2010 (CU Succeed Program) Denver, Colorado at the Denver School of the Arts and other locations around Denver. Taught Photography and Digital Photography. (Fall 2008 & Fall 2010 semesters).

Community College of Aurora

2004-2008 Aurora, Colorado. Initially at the Colorado Film School taught: Introduction to Film Production, The Documentary and Gems of the Cinema classes. Beginning Fall Semester 2004 in the CCA Art Department taught: Photography 1,2,3, Digital Photography, Zone System Photography, Art History 1 & 2 and Art Appreciation online. (Spring & Fall 2004; Spring & Fall 2005; Spring, Summer & Fall 2006; Spring, Summer & Fall 2007; Spring 2008 semesters)

Pueblo Community College

1994-2002 Pueblo, Colorado. Taught Art History 1 & 2, Art Appreciation, Film Appreciation, Film Appreciation tele-course, Filmmaking 1 & 2, Screen Writing, Drawing 1, Design 1, Photography 1, 2 & 3, Zone System Photography, Early Humanities, Renaissance to Twentieth Century Humanities, Contemporary Humanities, World of Work, Introduction to Philosophy, Writing for Media, and the high school at-risk program. (Fall 94; Spring, Summer & Fall 95; Spring, Summer & Fall 96; Spring, Summer & Fall 97; Spring, Summer & Fall 98; Spring, Summer & Fall 99; Spring,Summer & Fall 00; Spring, Summer & Fall 01; Spring & Summer 02 semesters)

Central High School

2002-03 Pueblo, Colorado. High School Art Teacher One year position under State of Colorado Type III Authorization, Emergency Teacher License: 0221370 for Secondary Art. Pueblo, Colorado. (2002-03 school year)

Learning Tree University

1991-93 Chatsworth, California. Taught Film Directing and Cinematography. (Winter 91; Spring 92; Spring & Summer 93 quarters)

Community College of Denver

1979 Denver, Colorado. Taught Photography with Vocational Credential from Colorado State Board for Community Colleges, Instructor - Photography expired 10/10/83. (Spring quarter 1979).

Colorado Institute of Art (now the Art Institute of Colorado)

1978-79 Denver, Colorado. One year full-time, all levels of Photography including Color Photography, Film Production and Design 1. (Fall, Spring & Summer 1978-79 semesters).


1978 Canon City, Colorado. Workshops in Basic Photography and Zone System Photography. (Summer 1978).

Arapahoe Community College

1978 Littleton, Colorado. Taught Photography. (Winter quarter 1978).

Cranbrook Academy of Art

1977 Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Graduate Teaching Assistantship in Photography. Taught graduate students from the Art disciplines such as: Painting, Printmaking, Architecture, Fiber, Sculpture, Ceramics and Metal Smithing. (Spring quarter 1977).

    To all my students at over the years, thank you for your work, your friendships and what you have taught me.

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