Red Wind Sequence

Red Wind is a murder mystery involving an ancient avenging force against a territory’s founders descendants. Directed and photographed by John Johnson with the help of Tamarack Productions’ Zebulon Pike and the Blue Mountain’s crew including Assistant Director Bryan Sisson, Camera Assistant John Romero, with voice over by Carol Cartmell, it features Chad Stevens who had previously played Zebulon Pike. Here Chad portrays Bailey a railroad official. Based upon John’s research into the 1854 Fort Pueblo massacre with the story by John and Joel Scherzer with the script by Joel Scherzer. Music was composed by Merrill Jenson and performed by the London National Philharmonic Orchestra.

This sequence was filmed in Pueblo’s Union Depot which at the time was also where Tamarack Productions’ offices occupied much of the second floor. Shot on the depot’s third floor with its “endless” hallway with John's 35mm Arriflex 2C camera which was used on the James Bond films Thunderball and You Only Live Twice.

Though it was camera-ready for three years, including being totally production boarded, storyboarded and with the locations secured, Red Wind has never been completed, but this film clip helped attract investors for a smaller budgeted feature film entitled Curse of the Blue Lights.

I stopped making movies because I’ve never found a reliable film producer to work with.

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