TV News Story

This is a 1984 TV news story about the making of Zebulon Pike and the Blue Mountain which was typical of the several stories about Tamarack’s productions by many of Colorado’s TV stations during the 1970s and 80s. We found excellent support from Pueblo and beyond for our films.

In this clip. Pike encounters a Grand Pawnee raiding party. My 16mm Kodak Cine Special camera used for making Damon Runyon’s Pueblo is shown here encased in a soundproof housing. Because of the extreme cold weather, the exposure of the week’s footage was uneven and was ruined and had to be redone.

Months later, with a 16mm Arriflex BL camera, an actual clapboard and a new actor, Chad Stevens as Pike, we had to re-film the entire sequence and completed the movie. It was bitter cold when we initially filmed this, but to their credit, most of the actors portraying Pawnee warriors, who were slightly clothed, came back for the re-shoot.

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